Your Test Questions

1. The battalion operating from the mountain was able to ...... three enemy divisons.
A. tie up
CorrectB. tie down  (Your Answer)
C. tie on
D. tie with

2. I purposely ...... meet you during my last visit to Kashmir.
CorrectA. didn't  (Your Answer)
B. won't
C. hadn't
CorrectD. wouldn't  (Correct Answer)

3. have read one novel by Premchand. I want to read ...... novel by him.
A. other
CorrectB. another  (Correct Answer)
CorrectC. all  (Your Answer)
D. few

4. A man remains narrow minded, self compliance and ignorant unless he visits other people and ...... from them.
A. earns
B. borrows
CorrectC. learns  (Your Answer)
D. hears

5. My father ...... down for a nap.
CorrectA. lays  (Correct Answer)
CorrectB. laid  (Your Answer)
C. lain
D. lie

6. I think they allow their children too much ......
A. liberality
CorrectB. latitude  (Your Answer)
C. lassitude
D. levity

7. Once you suspect a person of double dealing, you ought to keep him at arm's ......
A. distance
CorrectB. length  (Your Answer)
C. aim
D. width

8. My first lesson ...... forgiveness came from my mother.
A. upon
B. about
CorrectC. on  (Your Answer)
D. in

Not Answered
9. At one point, it looked as if an area of agreement would ...... specially over the issue of productivity linked wages.
A. develop
B. come out
CorrectC. emerge  (Correct Answer)
D. grow

10. Do you know ......?
CorrectA. where she comes from  (Your Answer)
B. where does she come from
C. where from she comes
D. from where does she come

Not Answered
11. God is ......
A. graceful
CorrectB. gracious  (Correct Answer)
C. grateful
D. greatful

12. He is so ...... that he immediately believe my story of ghosts
A. innocent
CorrectB. credulous  (Your Answer)
C. vociferous
D. credible

13. Johny, where are you? ...... up this tree.
A. There I am
B. There am I
C. Here am I
CorrectD. Here I am  (Your Answer)

14. That the poor in our country, are happy is
A. a dream
B. a vision
C. an ideal
CorrectD. an illusion  (Your Answer)

Not Answered
15. The robbers were arrested and ...... prison yesterday.
A. brought into
B. brought to
C. taken into
CorrectD. taken to  (Correct Answer)

16. The cinema ...... a welcome escape from cramped and dull city life and the Indians are avid movie-goers.
A. depicts
B. highlights
C. follows
CorrectD. offers  (Your Answer)

Your Test Summary

Total Question : 16
Total Marks : 16
Your Marks : 10
Percentage : 62.5

Result : Pass

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